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Caricatures - Cartoons

Karikatura Josefa VániGallery 

Cartoons are known and favourite program at your parties and meetings. I can offer the best quality of this production and I can grant real look of drawed client. As I know other artists can not grant it ordinary. Your clients get nice present and will remember your evening for a long time with pleasure. I never ridiculle any client and always hold client´s own.  I can speak with clients English, German and Czech. 

Caricatures in T-shirts

We can offer this unique possibility to draw caricature in T-shirts. If you have white t-shirts I will draw caricatures of your clients in them. We draw by marker for textile so drawed picture remains after washing.


Karikatury - houslové duo Feme FatalePrices:

Pencil (6 – 10 caricatures / hour)        - 1st hour – 100,- EUR and 50,-                                                           EUR for each next started hour

Pen (20 caricatures / hour)                 - 1st hour – 135,- EUR and 50,-                                                           EUR for each next

                                                           started hour

Caricature in T-shirt (6 – 10 caricatures / hour) - 1st hour – 135,- EUR

                                             and 50,- EUR for each next started hour



karikatura Vlasty BurianaYour clients try to guess caricature of famous person that artist draws in big paper

( A1 or A0 ). The artist draws slowly step by step and keeps in cotact with clients and asks them to guess who it is. Client who guess correct win some small price or drawed caricature.

The artist is also moderator of this performace, asks humorous questions and entertains clients.

Need to be arranged: place with good sight distance, easel with big papers, blag marker, microphone

One hour of great enjoy – 335,- EUR

30 minutes    -   200,- EUR