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NEW BOOK - "NATURIA" - Forrest Wall               


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The world has changed. In 2044, life on Earth is centralised only to 16 cities. There is no wild nature. All vegetation was replaced by emptiness of concrete plains. Infinitesimal samples of fauna and flora are preserved only for needs of scientists. Even though everything is coming to end, one 10-year old girl cannot resign to life without nature. She is a bit romantic, but she has a heart of a fighter. Her grandmother tells her stories and thus she teaches her about the wisdom of all living things around us. The girl dreams about a better future, where she walks barefoot again and let herself be caressed by smooth sweet-smelling grass. An unexpected change is brought into her life by a trip outside of the city. There, she is – together with two of her friends - dramatically seized by powerful natural forces and transported outside of the current space and time. As a chosen one, she finds herself on a planet of unknown plants. Three children's fates, entangled into a common life path. The small heroine is subjected to many dangerous trials, to learn which force summoned here to this place. She learns about the beauty of life in nature and its true values.  One miracle comes after another. The secret of nature is soon revealed and she meets new friends, who accompany her on a difficult journey across the planet.  They help her in a tiresome fight against a malicious and powerful enemy and they even risk their own lives selflessly. However, it is more and more difficult to preserve the beauty and indispensability of pure nature and strengths are decreasing...

A very unusual friendship, wisdom of a young person and wisdom of living nature, breathtaking actions, faith and love of a small-big heart, tickling tension, fine acumen of   kind creatures, but above all a boundless imagination and probably the most unusual story of children's adventure both in space and in our own minds.

This message of human love for nature heals worrying fissures in our hearts and the child's love refreshes the atmosphere of the suspenseful story.

Moreover, this story is not finished yet...I already began to write its continuation…





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Vivart is author of photographies, drawings, graphics, cover and production.



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